Jenson USA has appointed two new VP leadership roles—Steve Domingues, VP of merchandising and Michael Ladinig, VP of marketing and brand.

Domingues assumes responsibility for Jenson USA’s purchasing strategy including managing vendor relationships, integrating all procurement functions and implementing the short and long-range corporate merchandising plans. An eighteen-year professional, Domingues held leadership positions with Sam’s Club, Walmart and Sports Authority. Most notable is Domingues’ industry experience with Specialized Bicycles and Santa Cruz Bicycles.

Ladinig brings over twenty years of leadership from previous global marketing roles with Red Bull, Adidas and The Aqua Lung Group. Ladinig will direct the company’s marketing strategy to enhance e-commerce traffic, brand equity, digital and social media marketing, consumer insights, content creation, and community grassroots initiatives.

“As our business continues with healthy growth, I’m excited and feel blessed to have such high-level talent join us at Jenson USA,” said Founder and CEO, Mike Cachat. “We have a strong and dedicated team of leaders at Jenson USA, and having Steve & Michael join us makes us that much better at being able to meet the needs of cyclists today and in the future.”