American women’s cycling brand Jelenew appointed ex-Chanel designer Di Liu as its creative director.

Di Liu graduated from Esmod and IPLME in Paris, France, and studied advanced garment customization and luxury management. In 2016, he joined the core design team of Chanel Haute Couture and made achievements in 3D tailoring, fabric reconstruction and fashion trend analysis. In 2019, he joined the French fashion and culture magazine Art Et Mode as editor-in-chief.

“It’s my honor to join Jelenew on this new journey with a passionate team. Jelenew is a special brand born for women,” said Liu. “At the beginning of the company’s establishment, it focused on solving a series of clothing problems encountered by women in cycling. I am proud to be part of such a brand with a strong sense of social responsibility. And there are a lot of talents here, and we are eagerly looking forward to building the ‘sweat life’ of Jelenew with everyone. I look forward to contributing my creativity and experience and stepping into a new chapter with Jelenew. ”