Released October 3, Smith’s Lowdown Focus mpowered by Muse Smart Sunglasses are built on the SafiloX brain sensing eyewear platform with integrated EEG technology.

EEG technology measures brain activity and the EEG sensors are invisibly integrated into the sunglass frame. Sensor data is then transmitted to an app via Bluetooth back to the wearer, where brain activity is translated in real-time to reflect the users state of mind. It also sends cues back to tell the wearer to become more calm, relaxed and focused and through a series of exercises,  allows the wearer to reach their cognitive training goals from one minute to three hours.

Experience the sunglasses here or click on the photo above.

Smith Focus App is available in the U.S. for free download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Smith Lowdown Focus Sunglasses can be purchased online here in the U.S. and available worldwide January 2018.

Photos and video courtesy Smith Optics