What’s the best way to bring outdoor nerds and gamer geeks together? Chaco’s Pac-Man collection is a darn good start. After all, who is Pac-Man but an intrepid navigator of slot canyons who is bedeviled by an above-average number of bears?

The outdoor lifestyle footwear brand unveiled its collection of limited-edition Classic Z/Sandals for men and women inspired by Pac-Man, the beloved 1980s arcade game. Recognizing the opportunity to embrace the era’s classic arcade art for their adjustable woven straps, Chaco’s product team recreated Pac-Man and his band of Ghosts within the sandal strap designs, along with a branded logo badge on the heel riser.

Custom webbing options will also be available in 25mm, 19mm and 8.5mm strap designs through the brand’s MyChaco Program.

“When it comes to retro gaming, you can’t get more iconic than Pac-Man,” said Josh Weichhand, Chaco brand manager. “We’re absolutely thrilled to bring this arcade classic to our Classic Z/Sandals and tie the thrill of setting a high score with letting loose on outdoor adventures.”

The Z/2 Classic Pac-Man sandals are available now, exclusively at chacos.com/pacman.

Photos courtesy Chaco