ISPO China is being renamed ISPO Beijing as part of a new branding effort. It will run from Feb. 22 to 25 in 2012. This year, it was held from Feb. 23 to 25.

A statement from the show's organizers, Messe Munchen International (MMI), said, “As a result of the ISPO's new global brand structure ispo china underwent rebranding and was renamed ISPO Beijing. Since mid-February ISPO has promoted itself as the contact hub for the international world of sports business, with the goal to bring together expertise from all over the world and to further drive the development of as well as trends in the sports business. In order to add visual impact to these repositioning measures ISPO also received a new corporate design and each event a location identifier. In addition to receiving a new name, ISPO Beijing also underwent an extension of its running time.


In the future, the leading sports business platform for the Asia-Pacific region will present the latest trends and innovations by Asian and international sporting goods companies for the duration of four days. The increased trade show duration is the response of Messe Munch en International to requests and feedback from the industry. Exhibitors as well as visitors stated that in the past, three event days often made it impossible to attend all meetings, resulting in not being able to speak with all their important customers. The extended running time will also allow participants to attend conferences, forums, and seminars, which are an important element of ISPO Beijing and emphasize its position as information platform.” 

 “Of course, we are pleased to fulfill the demands of the industry by increasing the running time of ISPO BEIJING, to allow for the time required for negotiations, meetings and conference visits,”
said Klaus Dittrich, chairman and CEO of Messe Munchen. “After all, these demands clearly show the importance of ISPO Bejing as the leading sports business platform for the Asia-Pacific region. We continue to work on new concepts to further develop this position, such as Distributor Match Making, or our high caliber conferences.”