ISA TanTec’s production facility in China (including Heshan TanTec Leather Co. Ltd. and Heshan Bestway Leather Product Co. Ltd.) has recently passed the Cleaner Production Assessment, a governmental audit that the company needs to pass every five years to present continuous improvements on the environmental front.

The assessment was conducted jointly by Jiangmen Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and Heshan Environmental Protection Bureau in June this year.

The facility received the top score from the authority and is being recommended for the “excellent status” to the Guangdong government. In addition to this audit result, in October 2017, Heshan Bestway Leather Product Ltd. was granted the “Green Card” and the acknowledgement as an “Environmental Integrity Enterprise”under the Environmental Credit Evaluation run by the Jiangmen Government.

These results reinforce the group’s continuous commitment to environmental excellence, sustainability and social responsibilities in the tanning industry.