In an effort to better support retailers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, Interbike announced it will host its first annual Interbike Outdoor Demo East this fall in Providence, R.I.

The event will be held Tuesday, Oct. 21 to Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Roger Williams Park in Providence.
The Interbike Outdoor Demo East event is based on the Interbike Outdoor Demo held in conjunction with the Interbike International Bicycle Expo in Las Vegas and will include product testing, National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) seminars and networking events.


The new event is aimed at servicing retailers who do not attend and/or additional staff members who are not able to participate in the Interbike International Expo and Outdoor Demo.

“We recognize there are members of the industry that have difficulties attending the Interbike Expo in Las Vegas,” said Lance Camisasca, Interbike's industry consultant. “Interbike Outdoor Demo East is a hands-on, no-hassle, inexpensive regional style event that allows retailers to not only test new products but also educate staff members on the latest trends and network with industry members in a historic and event friendly location.”

Fuki, Kestrel, Fox, Giant and Kenda among participants

Manufacturers who have already committed to exhibit at the event include Advanced Sports (Fuji, SE Racing, Kestrel), Fox Racing Shox, Giant Bicycles, Kenda USA, Pacific Cycle (GT, Schwinn, Mongoose), Pedro's Total Bicycle Care and Santa Cruz Bicycles, with more expected to follow in the coming weeks.

“Interbike always produces a great trade event,” said Pat Cunnane, president of Advanced Sports “We're confident OutDoor Demo East will be a great event as well and we are looking forward to giving our East Coast retailers another opportunity to learn about and test ride our products.”

“The genesis of an opportunity to reach out to the other half of cycling is perfect,” said Chris Zigmont, general manager of Pedro's Total Bicycle Care. “We will now be able to meet with the guys and gals who work the shop floor and who can't attend Interbike's Las Vegas trade show because of time and money constraints.”

The OutDoor Demo East is not intended to replace Interbike's September trade event, but will include additional events to benefit retailers unable to attend the Las Vegas show. For example, the partnership with the NBDA will bring its popular Super Seminars to the event.

“We've had great feedback on our Super Seminars around the country and attendance has exceeded expectations,” said Fred Clements, executive director of the National Bicycle Dealers Association.  “By partnering with Interbike at Outdoor Demo East, we feel we'll be able to offer high quality sessions in a convenient setting that will allow us to reach an even larger audience in a region that deserves the support.”

Roger Williams Park is located just south of downtown Providence and has been the host city for the 2006 and 2007 National Cyclocross Championships. In addition to being a great place for cycling, Providence is a central location for Northeast and Mid Atlantic retails and is easily accessible by most forms of transportation. 

Planning guided by survey of East Coast retailers

While developing the outline for Interbike Outdoor Demo East event, much of the planning was guided by responses to a post Interbike/Outdoor Demo survey Interbike distributed to retailers in the North East and Mid Atlantic regions (Two areas that typically have the weakest representation at the Interbike Expo). The more than 300 survey participants were primarily owners and managers of retail shops.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Retailer responses showed a majority support for a regional, demo style, east coast event
  • More than 65 percent of retailers indicated they would bring three or more employees
  • Respondents ranked industry networking, manufacturer/distributor new sales programs and product testing as their most important trade show activities
  • More than 85 participants indicated they would drive to the event
  • 45 percent of retailers marked that they would bring employees to Interbike Outdoor Demo East that would not normally attend the Interbike Expo and Outdoor Demo in Las Vegas

 As part of the survey, Interbike posed several questions about hosting a consumer day on the last day of the industry demo event. While there was some support from the industry for a consumer day, there was not a clear consensus on the issue. As a result, OutDoor Demo East will focus on best serving the needs of the industry in its inaugural year.