Interbike announced plans for the inaugural Interbike Media Center, a working news room on the show floor designed to help journalists conduct the business of reporting the news of the 2006 Interbike International Bicycle Expo.

Equipped with a TV interview studio, working newsroom area and a still
photography studio, the Interbike Media Center will be located on the main
floor of the Sands Convention Center in booth #5375 and will be open for
use by credentialed members of the media during the exhibition days of

Interbike will use the TV studio to produce daily programming of the show
to be broadcast on monitors placed throughout the show floor and streamed
over the Internet. Online cycling broadcaster Cycling.TV of the United
Kingdom will work with Interbike and will be the Official Media Center
Technology Partner, providing the necessary equipment and technical
experience to this endeavor. Cycling.TV has worked with OLN and the UCI
providing live broadcasts and race feeds for many races on the UCI calendar.

The daily shows will feature industry heavyweight and celebrity interviews,
hot product introductions and other topics of interest to Interbike
attendees and exhibitors. Monitors will also broadcast features recorded at
the show throughout the day between live segments.

“The Media Center, placed in a prominent part of the main show floor, will
be available for all print, broadcast and internet media outlets to use,”
said Lance Camisasca, Interbike’s show director. “Besides it being a
convenient place for journalists to work on the show floor, the Media
Center will also give the 2006 Interbike show an exciting Times Square-like
Important news is happening here atmosphere.”

The 30- x 40-foot Media Center will include a TV studio interview area for
media companies or exhibiting manufacturers interested in conducting,
recording or broadcasting news about new products, celebrities, panel
discussions, advocacy, etc. The studio will be enclosed in clear Plexiglas
walls so that show attendees can watch the programming live and will also
include a private green room for pre-staging interviews.

The TV studio interview area will be built on an elevated platform, and
surrounding the exterior of the Media Center will be plasma screens to
display video content that is edited and broadcast directly from the fully
equipped control room. Other monitors will also be positioned in locations
around the Interbike show floor and registration areas, to help broaden the
reach of the video feeds.

The Interbike Media Center will also include a working newsroom with desks
and terminals for journalists to file stories and/or work on the show
floor, as well as a small photo booth for photographers to take pictures of
new products. Refreshments and snacks will be provided in the Media Center
to visiting journalists and the guests of the Media Center.

Media companies and exhibiting manufacturers will be able to use the Media
Center’s TV studio in segments up to 90 minutes in length during regular
show hours on September 27, 28 and 29. Interested parties should contact
Chip Smith of SOAR Communications ( or 801-523-3730) to
reserve time slots. Such time slots are available on a first-come basis;
however, both Interbike and SOAR Communications reserve the right to limit
use of the Media Center’s TV studio.

Please note that the Interbike media registration room will still be
located downstairs on the first floor of the Sands Convention Center as in
past years. Credentialed journalists who have registered in advance will
still need to pick up their badge holder at the Interbike media
registration room before entering the exhibit area. Credentialed
journalists needing to register on-site will do so at the Interbike media
registration room before being able to enter the main floor exhibit area.

As in previous Interbike shows, the media registration room will also
include computers with Internet access. Additionally, exhibitor media kits
will only be available in the media registration room.