Seeking to invigorate its position as the leading specialized manufacturer of athletic apparel, InSport International released its new brand identity to the trade last week during the Outdoor Retailer Show.

“By focusing on an aggressive, broad based campaign, we developed a plan that not only enforces our brand identity but also restores our position in the marketplace with serious adult recreational athletes,” says CEO and President Eric Merk.

Conceived and developed by brand agency Parsley Brouwers, InSport’s new identity package features a comprehensive range of key branding tools including a new logo, graphic standards, catalog, advertising, trade show support, POP platforms, strategic media relations, printed collateral, website, marketing services, digital management, and electronic support materials.

“As an agency dedicated to brand integration, Parsley Brouwers was able to articulate InSport’s business objectives through new positioning, core imagery, and messaging structure,” says Merk. “This business partnership allowed us to develop a creative solution that establishes a memorable, effective brand image and motivates a key target audience.”

With more than 25 years experience in the athletic apparel industry, InSport International has an exceptional reputation for fit, quality and performance. The new logo combines elements of athleticism and simplicity, both of which tie InSport’s heritage and product lines together.

“The InSport Wings is the melding of many things: the classic hood ornament for a sports car combined with the statue on a trophy,” says Merk. “It’s the letter I and ‘s together in motion – headed for the future. The very posture of the logo is a simple form that signifies freedom, victory, and movement.”

“Our customers are adult athletes who depend on InSport to provide them with a reliable, quality product,” says Merk. “We wanted a symbol that was timeless and not trendy; one that speaks to a sophisticated audience in a simple, straightforward and inspirational tone.”

The rebrand process realigns the company’s product line into three clean and distinct categories: Running, Training and Outdoor. These clearly defined consumer categories better meet the application needs of everyday athletes in their recreational pursuits.