Inov-8, founded in 2003, is marking its 20 years in the active outdoor industry, manufacturing running, hiking and gym gear, with a rebrand designed to support accelerated growth.

The company’s rebranded name and logo will displayed on products beginning December 2023 when Inov-8 launches a new off-road running shoe.

The Inov-8 name will be changed to Inov8, making it easier to read. The foot-shaped logo symbolizing the number 8 will be replaced by a bird’s talon, signifying the brand’s past, present and future.

“This is a milestone moment for Inov-8, arguably the biggest in our 20 years,” said Founder Wayne Edy. “The new identity and footwear collection are game changers. They’ll supercharge us into the next two decades with a modern look and feel that is more relevant across all our categories while retaining the heritage upon which we’ve built international success.

“The use of the new talon logo is crucial in this,” Edy continued. “Much like birds use their talons to grip to a surface, to create a sense of control and balance, our talon logo does the same, reflecting the long-standing, proud design ethos of our footwear.”

The company’s rebrand will also be visible in select Inov8 stores before 2024. The full rollout of the rebranding will occur in the new year.

To further inject fresh energy and skillsets into the brand, the company said a new Inov8 management team was assembled over the past 18 months, led by CEO Mike Snell. Edy continues to be involved in day-to-day business operations, overseeing the design and development of the new 2024 footwear collection.

Photos courtesy Inov-8