For introducing a zero-impact run trainer that actually mimics running

Runners bear the brunt of roughly seven times their body weight while on a jaunt. The blow is softened by treadmills … some, or you can turn to the low-impact, albeit unnatural motion of ellipticals. Enter Zero Runner by Octane Fitness (the latest version is the ZR8) in which engineers look to replicate the natural mechanics of running (without the repetitive stress) in a machine made of aluminum legs, independent hip and knee joints and a stride range up to 58 inches. An accompanying app packs live stride-tracing technology to coach ZR8 riders on consistent, proper form, along with training plans for 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon distances. The app has a CrossCircuit program too, which coaches users on and off the machine for a comprehensive routine that addresses weak links and corrects muscular imbalances while boosting overall performance.

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