Innovators Of The Year — Keen Footwear

by | Dec 2, 2016

Rory Fuerst, Jr., Director of Innovation, Keen
Photos courtesy Keen

For taking chances on “uneek” footwear

From its inception, Keen’s Uneek shoe was never about a single shoe, but rather the idea of establishing an entirely new platform within the footwear industry with its simple two-cord construction. Instead of building footwear out of flat materials that don’t naturally conform to the shape of the foot, the Uneek’s upper is made from two completely independent but engaged cords to mold to the foot. This year, Keen’s Director of Innovation Rory Fuerst, Jr. took the Uneek movement further by automating the process of footwear manufacturing with the introduction of the Uneek Robotic Cell, which produces a shoe in half the time of the current process.





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