As Indigo Equipment prepares to introduce several new lines of summer-oriented outdoor gear at the Outdoor Retailer show, the two-year-old company is seeing solid results as its mix of products evolves: As of July, more than half of Indigo’s spring/summer customers are retail shops outside of traditional winter markets. The company got its start only two years ago by introducing several categories of winter-specific gear, establishing it as a player in that market.

In the past six months, Indigo has added 25 new independent retailers and more than 60 new retail locations to its dealer network. More than 35 of those stores are in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northwest − areas where the Indigo brand is still growing its recognition and areas where winter-sports products are not the primary focus.

“Winter products were our point of entry, but our plan all along has been to move toward offering a broad spectrum of gear within the outdoor industry,” Indigo President Steve Kropf said. “So realizing that half our spring and summer business is now coming from retailers outside of the industry segment where we got our start is really encouraging, particularly since this is our first year with summer product in stores.”

Along with innovative product for the spring and summer markets, experienced sales representatives added in key territories were instrumental to Indigo’s growth, Kropf said. In 2004 Indigo added new sales reps in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Rockies and Southeast territories.

“We’re growing this business very methodically − adding quality products, quality people and investing in infrastructure,” Kropf said.