Independent Sports Supply, a nationwide distributor for gun brands and shooting supplies announces the addition of Simulated Range Targets to its line of shooting accessories.   Independent Sports Supply will be stocking a variety of target options currently available from Simulated Range Targets.  ISS will offer these products to its nationwide dealer network.

Many rifle shooters would like to practice long range shooting more often, but the lack of long distance ranges and poor weather conditions hamper the best of intentions. Simulated Range Targets are a new style of rifle target designed by rifle shooters, for rifle shooters to help combat this issue.  The targets are designed to be used at a distance of 25 yards to enable year round target practice both inside and outside.

The three styles of targets are: Hunting-long range animals in plains/mountain setting, Silhouettes-medium range in plateau/country setting and Silhouettes-long range in city setting.  

Each target has multiple animals or silhouettes that vary in size and are scaled to simulate the actual size in the field at each listed range.  This combination allows shooters to practice for long range shooting in wind-free environments without having to go into the field.