iFitness, Inc., a maker of hydration belts, running belts and accessories, has changed its name to Fitletic.

Founder Shify Pomerantz lead the charge for a name change to better capture the company’s mission of providing premium ergonomically designed endurance accessories that allow fitness athletes to unleash their performance potential.  

“We have really matured as a company and refined our mission and purpose,” said Pomerantz, Founder of Fitletic, Inc. “Our products are designed to eliminate distractions that keep fitness athletes from maximizing their athletic performance, so Fitletic seemed like a natural expression of that ultimate goal.”

Fitletic unveiled a new color palette, packaging, branding and a website.  The company’s products already provided premium quality with the use of silicone grippers and Dura-Comfort Technology to reduce bounce and increase comfort.  The company’s imagery will evoke aspirational feelings of balance, trust, strength, and premium quality.

The company cites tremendous growth and demand as a primary component in its branding transition, and despite the change, believes Fitletic will resonate to a greater degree with retailers and customers who may have been confused by the previous moniker.

“We know Fitletes want the most enjoyment out of the fitness activities they love,” said Pomerantz. “We will continue our dedication in providing a high-quality and dependable line of products designed to eliminate all the distractions that come with carrying essential items like water, gels, keys, mobile phones, and identification while engaging in some of our customer’s athletic endeavors; whether it’s running, walking, hiking, or cycling.”

Fitletic’s offerings include ergonomically designed hydration belts, armbands, and belts with variety of pouches and features that hold phones, race numbers, gels, and items necessary for a variety of outdoor activities. Fitletic products feature Dura-Comfort technology and an ergonomic design that helps to eliminate bounce, providing the most comfortable fit possible. Some of the most notable products consumers can currently find from Fitletic include the Quench Retractable Hydration Belt and the Ultimate II Fuel Belt.  Slated for release this year, Fitletic will offer updated water-resistant single pouches and armbands to accommodate larger phones such as iPhone 5® and Samsung Galaxy series, as well as upgraded Hydration Belts with silicone grippers to eliminate bounce.