i.e. distribution reached a license agreement to produce and distribute DADA Footwear and DADA Supreme Footwear for North America. i.e. distribution is the world wide distributor and owner of World Industries, a 21 year old skateboard, footwear and accessories brand.

John Dickinson, i.e. distribution President, “When we founded i.e. distribution in 2004 we planned on creating a multi-brand distribution company. This moves us closer to that goal. I look forward to working with DADA Footwear’s founder, Lavetta Willis and the original designer, Lantz Simpson to reintroduce the brand, and keep it true to it’s heritage in the North American market.”

Lavetta Willis, Founder of DADA Footwear, “I am very excited to re-launch the brand in North America.  I miss my friends in retail and can’t wait to get back in the mix.  We will again find our place in the market!  Our new relationship with John and i.e distribution will give us the infrastructure and support we need.”