In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Jumpking Inc. of Mesquite, Texas, is voluntarily recalling about one million trampolines and about 296,000 “FunRing” enclosures. Welds on the frame of these trampolines can break during use, resulting in falls and possible injuries. Additionally, the mounting brackets of the FunRing enclosures have sharp edges, which can cause lacerations. The recall includes 14-foot and 15-foot Jumpking trampolines sold separately and with FunRing enclosures.

Jumpking has received 47 reports of one or more welds breaking on these trampolines. This resulted in 21 reports of a variety of injuries, including a concussion; a broken arm; lacerations; and bruises. The firm also received 12 reports of other incidents, including nine reports of serious lacerations, when children came into contact with the sharp edges of the enclosure brackets.