Swedish-born Icebug set out in 2002 to challenge the big-wigs of the outdoor trail running category and now the brand will launch its 2016 Spring/Summer Trail and OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) footwear range with the same intent.

Designed for “those who crave outdoors,” the line offers a mix of trail running and multi-sport offerings with “all-year usability.” Icebug hopes the line will be accepted by people of varying activity levels with the end goal being more people will get outside to stay healthy and enjoy nature.

The Alternative Trail/OCR collection features Rubber 9 Extreme, Icebug’s proprietary rubber compound, which the company asserts will set a new standard in durable traction. Rubber 9 has been proven to outgrip many current offerings, while maintaining the durability of an asphalt running shoe. The grip was made for traction reliability in wet and slippery conditions.

By using designs that work for the niche sports of OCR and Orienteering, Icebug looks to make the “excuse of bad weather” evaporate. The Trail/OCR collection was crafted as an inspiration to ditching the indoor treadmill or safety of the pavement for the unknown adventures of the trail.


Acceleritas OCR RB9X

Within the line, the Acceleritas OCR RB9X, ($150), is launched as the ideal shoe for quick and safe progression through obstacles. Constructed on a low volume narrow last, the minimal drop and cushioning with strategically placed cleats creates an almost barefoot sensation…if your bare feet were naturally secure and tough as… The RB9X rubber compound should provide no-slip traction on both dry and wet surfaces, with added help from the outsole pattern, optimally designed for gripping mud.

Other pieces in the line offer fully-cushioned, running shoe skeletons, that also perform well for the aspiring OCR racer or long-distance trail runner. The DTS, ($173), also features a new drainage system, sticky RB9X traction and strong and durable upper.



It’s possible Icebug will be able to predict from its pre-Spring/Summer 2015/16 sales leaving the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market whether the brand is trending toward the takeover envisioned. Either way, the new collection promises a balanced hybrid design marrying sole protection with running shoe silhouettes.