Merino wool apparel brand Ibex Outdoor Clothing announced it would establish a new online-revenue-sharing program with retailers beginning in 2017.

The new Elite Dealer program will allow key Ibex retailers to share sales revenue from direct-to-consumer purchases at Elite Dealers will receive 10 percent of all consumer sales from within their areas. In addition, Ibex will provide these key dealers with valuable Ibex consumer purchase information that details what Ibex products consumers are buying in their region.

“Through our new Elite Dealer program, we will be able to engage our retailers in constructive dialogue regarding consumer purchasing behavior and have a greater opportunity to work together to increase Ibex consumer sales and brand loyalty in their areas,” said Scott Parr, VP of sales for Ibex Outdoor Clothing.

Also as part of the Elite Dealer program, Ibex will include “ride-along referral” collateral in every direct consumer order that introduces consumers to their local Ibex retailers.

“Sharing consumer purchasing data with our retailers will provide them with a better understanding of what consumers in their area are buying, and as a result, a greater opportunity to offer products their customers want,” Parr explained. “Ultimately, this will increase retailers’ success with the Ibex brand via greater sell-through and margin and improve consumer experience and satisfaction at retail – a win-win for everyone.”

Ibex officials said they also plan to make additional retail-relationship investments in 2017, including: new assortment planning, merchandising and ordering tools, in-store merchandising assets and marketing support to drive more business and profit for retailers.

“Ibex feels strongly that the fabric of our industry is more vibrant and healthy with a strong, independent retail base supporting customers and communities across the country,” said Ted Manning, CEO of Ibex. “We have been listening to our partners, our reps and our business. This new program allows Ibex to bring the strength of our brand and business to bear in the creation of successful retailer partnerships.”

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in White River Junction, VT, Ibex is a designer of year-round Merino wool outdoor clothing and cycling apparel.

Photo courtesy Ibex