Ken Bathurst is the Sales Manager for the last four years at camping gear manufacturer Industrial Revolution, founded in Redmond, WA, in 1971. When the company moved to Tukwila, WA two years ago, it more than doubled Bathurt’s bike commute from 25 to 62 round trip miles. “It takes a bit longer, but allows me to train for my next event, the 515-mile Race Across Oregon,” said Bathurst.

His love for the Evergreen State has kept him there since childhood, growing up in Gig Harbor, WA, attending Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA, with a B.S. in Economics, and now living in Lynnwood, WA, with his wife and 6-year-old son.

Bathurst has been competing in Ironman and Endurance Cycling events for more than 15 years. He lists 17 Ironman Finishes including the Ironman 2010 World Championships in Kona, HI. He competed in the 2014 24-Hour World Time Trial Championships (cycling 406 miles in 24 hours), and qualified for the Race Across America (RAAM) in 2014, planning to do this 3,000 mile bike race across the U.S. in 2018. Let’s see how he manages to balance this type of athletic performance with his work life in the sporting goods industry.


How did you get your start in the sporting goods/outdoor industry?

Ken Bathurst of Industrial Revolution

Ken Bathurst of Industrial Revolution

It wasn’t until I started with Industrial Revolution in 2011 that I finally made the connection that your passion and drive in your personal life could dovetail with your professional life.

How do your athletic endeavors influence your work life?

I’ve always been very dedicated and focused, maybe to a fault. My wife might say “stubborn,” but I’d say motivated is more accurate. Once I set the goal, my mind is in gear to accomplish it. Being focused and maybe a bit strong-willed has been beneficial in my athletic endeavors and work life.  I’m always looking ahead and seeking ways to improve, strengthen and accomplish things in a more streamline manner.  Even if something is great, my mind is always ready to find a better way. This method works well in both aspects of my life, personally and professionally.  

What’s the key to finding balance there?

The key for me is planning ahead and prioritizing. It means being on top of it, setting a clear goal and not allowing the option of procrastination. In order to accomplish the objectives I’ve set, I have to remain dedicated to seeing it through. Thankfully, I enjoy the process and most satisfying is accomplishing the goal.  

What’s the best thing about your job?  

It’s working with energetic, positive, like-minded folks that truly enjoy what they do and have a passion for life. The products we’re representing enhance the outdoor lifestyle we all appreciate and love.  I’ve learned it’s so much more pleasurable in this life to believe in what you do and love what you do.  Believing in the products is important to me and standing behind a company that has integrity is pretty great, too.  

Who do you look up to?

I admire anyone willing to push themselves to achieve a personal goal, no matter how small it seems.  I appreciate pioneers like Carl Sagan and Eckhart Tolle, who promote curiosity and thinking outside of the norm by really being mindful in this life. Athletes like Paula Newby-Fraser who won the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii eight times definitely inspired me.  I also admire my mom who powered on in times of great struggle, setting a strong example for me as a young man.  

What’s your advice to young people hoping to work in the performance, outdoors or sporting goods industry?

My advice is to take advantage of the lifestyle the industry promotes. There’s no better way to endorse something than by the enthusiasm and joy you get from participating in it. Be the living proof!