Hydro Flask is making it possible for customers to recycle certain used Hydro Flask products with its recently launched trade-in program. Customers in the U.S. can return old, unwanted and non-functioning Hydro Flask bottles, tumblers and stainless steel products in exchange for redeemable store credit for use exclusively on the company’s website.

To participate in the program: 

  1. Customers register their used Hydro Flask products, including stainless steel bottles, tumblers, mugs, food jars, bowls, plates and accessories, at hydroflask.com/trade-in;
  2. Customers can generate a shipping label to adhere to the item to return it to HydroFlask (no additional packaging required);
  3. Once received, Hydro Flask disassembles the item and sorts it for recycling as much as possible. 

Customers who participate in the program receive a promo code for $5.00 for each used Hydro Flask product returned to apply toward a new Hydro Flask product purchase exclusively on Hydroflask.com, including its MyHydro personalization program. 

Customers are requested to keep caps, lids, boots, or reusable straws to use with their next bottle purchase but could return them to the company via the trade-in program.

Photo courtesy Hydro Flask