Hunt.Fish.Feed.SM -The Sportsman Channel’s unique initiative to help feed the nation’s needy during the economic crisis and beyond-has named Haley Heath as official ambassador for the national public affairs program.

As such, Heath will work closely with the program, providing guidance and serving as spokesperson for Hunt.Fish.Feed.SM.

Heath will be at The Cable Show in Washington, D.C., attending the last stop for this season’s Hunt.Fish.Feed tour, taking place Tuesday, March 31 from 12pm – 2pm at the Central Union Mission located on 1350 R Street NW. The Hunt.Fish.Feed program will begin again this summer. She’ll also be attending the Hunt.Fish.Feed and CableCares “Buck the Recession Bash” taking place Tuesday from 8:30pm-11:30pm at the Co Co Sala at 929 F Street NW. She will also be at the network’s booth (# 3347) Tuesday afternoon.

Heath is host of the highly popular “Family Traditions” show aired exclusively on The Sportsman Channel. Heath earned the “Viewer Favorite Personality” award at the 2008 Sportsman Awards, making her the first woman to ever win it.

The Hunt.Fish.Feed.SM initiative is a unique outreach program that utilizes a new and previously unused food source-game donated by hunters-to feed those struggling with hunger, made possible by responsible outdoorsmen to whom hunting is synonymous with harvesting. The events will utilize game such as venison and bison, highly nutritional food sources, which are donated by local hunters from around the country, in cooperation with The Sportsman Channel and the Safari Club International Foundation.

“I’m honored to serve as ambassador to such a unique and needed program. As our country faces a dramatic economic crisis, programs for the needy nationwide are reporting lack of funds, while the number of people going hungry continues to rise,” said Heath. “Hunt.Fish.Feed provides thousands of people with nutrient-rich food, something that shouldn’t be wasted. As a life-long responsible hunter, I’m deeply committed to harvesting game for the Hunt.Fish.Feed program. I hope to help the program continue to grow and expand to feed even more.”

“As a role-model sportsman and an outdoor celebrity, we’re honored to have Haley as our ambassador for Hunt.Fish.Feed,” said Mark Kang, VP of affiliate relations for The Sportsman Channel. “Her passion for harvesting to feed the less fortunate makes her a true sportsman.”

“Family Traditions” with Haley Heath is a show about a genuine young woman hunting around the globe with her husband G.O, and, on many occasions, traveling with their young children, Gunner and Dakota. This hilarious young couple brings laughter and excitement to each hunt as they interact with other families in the outdoors. “Family Traditions” showcases not only quality outfitters and places to travel, but family friendly companies as they sit, stalk, climb and chase after big game.