Honor Defense appointed Ferguson-Keller Associates to represent it in the North-Central Regions of the U.S., in order to strengthen the company’s commercial sales and support.

“As our dealer base grows and demand continues to skyrocket, Honor Defense needed to add sales professionals,” said Gary Ramey, president of Honor Defense. “We are thrilled to start with Ferguson-Keller and look forward to working with them. Our goal is better serve our distribution partners, our retail network and, of course, our consumers.”

In addition to Ferguson-Keller Associates, Honor Defense has begun the process of pursuing representation in other regions of the nation. “We are very proud to represent such a quality firearms company, especially one with its products made 100 percent in the USA,” said Bill Kunzer, president/CEO of Ferguson-Keller Associates. “Being able to combine forces with such reputable people as those at Honor Defense is truly an honor.”

For more than 45 years, Ferguson-Keller has provided a professional sales support system to its partners in the outdoor sport and recreational industries. Its team of sales professionals and specialists develops working relationships through knowledge of the shooting sports industry.

Honor Defense is a pistol manufacturer based in Gainesville, GA.