High Sierra Sport Company has inked a partnership with Leed’s, a Pittsburgh-based promotional products company, as High Sierra’s supplier within the promotional products industry.

“The new partnership symbolizes High Sierra’s commitment to the corporate market and promotional industry,” says Bryan Kinsley, vice president of High Sierra Sport Company. “Both High Sierra and Leed’s share the same commitment to providing best-in-class products and services.”

The High Sierra for Leed’s line will include an array of High Sierra products that are in high demand within the promotional products category. The High Sierra segment of the Leed’s 2005 catalog will boast the mass productivity of the new partnership. Leed’s will be featuring a selection of High Sierra’s existing products, as well as exclusive, licensed accessories designed specifically for Leed’s.

“The trust and confidence that our consumers have in the High Sierra brand combined with our industry leading innovation and dynamic client collaboration will provide our customers more opportunities within the promotional products industry,” said Craig Morantz, vice president of sales development for Leed’s.

“Extending the High Sierra brand into new channels is part of our long-term growth strategy,” said Hank Bernbaum, president of High Sierra Sport Company. “High Sierra Sport Company is built on a foundation of creating products with higher quality raw materials, and we look forward to continue to introduce our products to the corporate market.”