Dick's Sporting Goods has promoted Jeff Hennion to Senior Vice President of Marketing. Mr. Hennion joined Dick’s Sporting Goods as Vice President and Treasurer in January 2000. In that role, Jeff built a treasury function, including bringing the market research function in-house to support our Real Estate group. He quickly demonstrated that he had much more to offer the organization and was subsequently promoted to Vice President of Finance in 2002.

As VP of Finance, Jeff played a key role in the company's IPO and, among other accomplishments, created their investor relations group. In February 2004, Jeff was promoted to Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning where he has been instrumental in representing Dick’s during the Galyan’s merger.

Reporting to Jeff will be Lee Corbett, Guy Burgstahler and Steve Manning.

Jeff will begin the transition to his new position immediately, a move Dick's expects to be fully completed by mid-April.