HeiQ Materials has announced a partnership with Concept III to strengthen the sales and support to the company’s brand partners in North America.

With this new partnership, the team at Concept III will immediately begin representing HeiQ technologies with its brand partners. For four decades, Concept III has worked alongside the world’s premier mills and tech innovators to source and develop new fabric-based solutions for iconic outdoor apparel brands.

“HeiQ’s mission is to be the global leader in textile innovation. With this partnership with Concept III, we add a sales team that is a leader in textile sales. We are excited that they decided to represent HeiQ in North America to support our mission and brand partners,” said Carlo Centonze, HeiQ’s CEO.

Concept III founder David Parkes is now revered for establishing a company that can expertly source and supply a wide variety of textiles for the world’s leading outdoor brands. “A fundamental pillar on which Concept III was founded is the understanding that we’ll never stop doing what’s right to keep the industry moving forward,” said Parkes.

“It’s evident HeiQ shares our values and vision. Like us, they actively seek to perfect everyday textiles not merely for performance or comfort, but to improve the lives of people all across the globe. That’s why we’re looking forward to working together.”

Concept III has established itself as the go-to partner in the textiles industry due largely to its market expertise, vast global reach and its team’s unwavering commitment to integrity.

“We don’t choose our partners lightly,” said Chris Parkes, president of Concept III. “We carefully vet them all. When I realised Innovate. Differentiate isn’t just a slogan for HeiQ but is actually a core value their entire team embodies, I realized this partnership made complete sense. As we now move forward together, I’m confident we’ll deliver tremendous benefits to brands all across North America.”