Heelys, Inc. launched a completely redesigned website, Heelys.com, featuring expanded content, improved store finder functionality, Buy Now options, product instructions, social networking options and the brand-new Heelys Classic Shop.

Heelys completed all the design, strategy and implementation in house.

“Our online visitors will now experience a brand-new feel to Heelys.com. We listened to our users and gave them what they asked for by focusing on function and customer service,” says Rick Groesch, vice president of Brand Engagement for Heelys. “Most importantly, the new site allows our customers to easily find retailers that currently stock the new product they are looking for.”

Highlights on the site include:

PRODUCT SECTION: With 107 different choices for men, women, and children, including 18 color choices, and more, Heelys simplified the user's product search by allowing them to sort by features, colors, wheel types and retailers.

VIDEO: The chance to be a star. Heelys fans can show off their best moves by making and submitting a home video. The best videos will be featured on the website.

BUY-NOW ECOMMERCE: Heelys “Buy Now” option. Online shoppers can quickly find the shoes they like and their nearest store, or be sent directly to an online retailer to make their purchase.

STORE FINDER: With improved Google Maps functionality, shoppers can go directly to the Store Finder and locate the store nearest to them.

COMMUNITY: Users can now easily connect with other Heelys users via Facebook, Twitter and the Heelys YouTube Channel, as well as submit their own videos and photos.

SKATE 101: Easy-to-follow-instructions include how to skate videos and the Heelys Playbook, which includes checklists for equipment, safe skating and the latest tricks.

HEELYS SHOP: A brand new feature! Users can now shop for Heelys Classics and replacement wheel kits available only at Heelys.com.