Headsweats has partnered with the US Open Pickleball Championships as the official headwear sponsor of the world’s largest Pickleball event.

In 2016 the seven-day international competition was founded. “Pickleball continues gaining momentum as a fun, accessible sport for players of all ages and abilities,” said Mike McQueeney, president, Headsweats. “As we move into the warmer months, we anticipate seeing more people enjoy this trendy hobby, which invites a broad range of people to engage in an active, lively activity that maintains safe distancing. Our headwear has been helping athletes keep a cool head for over twenty years, so partnering with the US Open is a natural fit.”

The emerging sport of Pickleball is similar to tennis and played on a smaller 20 foot by 44-foot court. With a net down the middle, a whiffle ball is served diagonally using a paddle with either single or double players on each side. The first team scoring eleven points and leading by at least two points wins the game.

“Our partnership with Headsweats brings the finest quality headgear to a sport where ninety-five percent of all players wear a hat or visor during play,” said Terri Graham, co-founder, US Open Pickleball Championship. “Headsweats hats are light, breathable and offer a great fit for all Pickleball players in all weather conditions.”

With 59 courts surrounding one championship court, this year’s event will offer limited seating due to COVID-19 restrictions. CBS Sports Network will broadcast the men’s and women’s Pro finals live on April 24.

Photo courtesy Headsweats