Head USA has recalled about 181 SCUBA diving computers. The recall includes the ‘Dacor Darwin Air dive’ computer with serial numbers 3265 through 3415, and the ‘Dacor Darwin Console dive’ computer with serial numbers 8503 through 8592. The computers were sold at dive shops nationwide from March 2004 through December 2004 for about $700 for the Darwin Air and $400 for the Darwin Console.

The dive computers were improperly calibrated, resulting in incorrect calculations. Diving with an improperly calibrated dive computer can provide inaccurate “No Decompression (no stop) Time,” “Decompression Time,” “Desaturation Time,” and “No Fly Time.” This could result in divers suffering serious injuries, including decompression sickness. Head USA received one report of a computer malfunction. No injuries were reported.