Haydenshapes Surfboards has formed a new global distribution partnership with Surf Technician.

The agreement will replace one with Global Surf Industries.

In a statement, Hayden Cox, founder of Haydenshapes, “A unique trait to this rollout will be the stand alone nature of the Haydenshapes brand amongst the epic line-up within the Surftech offering – positioning Haydenshapes independently within the group. Our in-house team will continue to solely manage the brand marketing, creative direction as well as product design, research and development. We will also play more of a direct and active role than ever with our global distribution and the teams leading custom sales (manufactured by Haydenshapes Australia) and stock sales (Manufactured by Cobra). This will now be handled through one channel and managed by Kye Fitzgerald (Australian territory). Our goal is to create a more cohesive and singular-touch-point relationship with our global partners and we anticipate 2019 being our strongest yet.

“Answering our customer demand, the Haydenshapes model offering available to our global retail partners will be tripled for 2019 with customers now able to get instant access to new releases – eliminating the wait time. This year will also see the release of Haydenshapes performance soft boards and surf accessories that speak to our unique brand DNA of performance, design, technology, aesthetics and art. We have also been working on a number of new and exclusive technologies and are excited to bring these to market under the new partnership.”

Said John Vance, CEO Surf Technicians, “Haydenshapes represents the pinnacle in the blending of design and technology and has sustained this position for years as one of the most popular brands in the world. The relationship between technology and performance is undeniable. We are both humbled and proud at be partnered with one of the most creatively advanced brands in the market today and can only see more great things to come from Hayden Cox and his crew in the future”.