Har-Tru, LLC, a specialist in court construction and surfacing solutions based in Troy, VA, acquired Armor Crack Repair, which specializes in court crack repair and maintenance.

“Armor is an exceptional product that has been a godsend for thousands of tennis court owners for decades,” said Pat Hanssen, Har-Tru’s president. “I am grateful that Dan Clapp and Ellen Brattlof have entrusted Har-Tru to nurture the brand and care for their customers. We couldn’t be more excited to have this essential court repair solution and top industry brand as part of our company.”

“The Armor Crack Repair System was developed in the 1990s to extend the life of cracked tennis courts. It was a breakthrough, filling the gap between ineffective crack fillers and expensive reconstruction. In 2000, Armor became the pioneering fabric crack repair product for contractors. While many imitators have come and gone, Armor has remained a trusted solution. After over two decades, it’s time for a fresh start, said Dan Clapp, founder of Armor Crack Repair.

“I’m thrilled to have a company with shared values and a strong customer commitment take over Armor. Har-Tru’s history, commitment and expertise will elevate Armor to the next level. I look forward to Armor’s promising future,” Clapp concluded.

Photo courtesy Armor Crack Repair