GSM Outdoors, a multi-brand manufacturer of hunting gear, recently acquired TekMat. This acquisition expands GSM Outdoors’ portfolio of gun care products and accessories.

TekMat is known for its gun cleaning and gunsmithing mats with their oil- and water-resistant surfaces and protective, no-slip rubber substrate. Designed to protect and keep small firearm components organized and to protect workbenches from scratches and damaging chemicals, TekMats include firearm-specific diagrams and parts listings to aid in takedown and reassembly.

“TekMat has been the leader in gun station mats since their introduction,” said Eddie Castro, GSM Outdoors president and CEO, “offering hunters, shooters, and home gunsmiths the perfect, ‘clean’ solution for maintaining and modifying their firearms. All of us at GSM Outdoors are excited to bring this respected brand into our growing family of gun care products and accessories.”

In addition to roll-up cleaning mats, the TekMat portfolio also includes caliber-specific rifle, handgun, and shotgun cleaning kits. The TekMat product line complements GMS Outdoors’ Birchwood Casey brand of firearm maintenance tools and supplies to give the company a leading position in the gun care category.

“Home gunsmithing and do-it-yourself firearms projects have become increasingly popular in recent years,” said Ben Smith, GSM Outdoors VP of sales and marketing. “TekMat is the trusted name in professional and home gun mats and is ideally aligned with GSM Outdoors’ ever-expanding lineup of firearm accessories.”

Photo courtesy TekMat