GSM Outdoors completed the acquisition of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. GSM Outdoors said the acquisition represents the company’s first step into the fishing segment.

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits’ product mix includes spinner baits, buzz baits, hooks, jigs, fluorocarbon line, baitcaster, spinning rods, and weights. Currently, the company ships “over 2.5 million baits worldwide each year.”

“This is a turning point at GSM Outdoors,” said CEO of GSM, Eddie Castro. “Although our company enjoys a long history that has been focused on providing innovative products for hunters and shooters, we fully embrace and appreciate all aspects of the outdoors. Especially our time on the water, just as much as we do in the woods or on the range. Bringing Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits into our family of brands aligns perfectly with our mission to provide consumers with premium products to help them be successful in their outdoor recreation pursuits.”

“One of the most exciting acquisitions in GSM’s history, this plants our flag into a whole new category with one of the most iconic brands in fishing of all time,” said Zach Henderson, GSM Outdoors Vice President of Sales. “This is one I personally am extremely passionate about and have put some of my best bass in the boat flipping a ‘Senko’ in the Springtime. We have many anglers on our team at GSM and I’m excited to see us continue to grow the legacy of Yamamoto Baits.”

Photo courtesy Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits