Grivel has obtained ISO 14001 certification by the International Organization of Standardization. The certification acknowledges Grivel as a business in compliance with internationally established environmental regulations, and is valid for the 'design and manufacture of mountaineering equipment adopting processes of mechanical and assembling operations'. As a result, Grivel will participate in a standardized Environmental Management System that will ensure continued compliance while providing guidelines for environmentally sound practices. Grivel released the news to Europe's outdoor industry on July 24th at the Outdoor Trade Fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Grivel consumers will have the benefit of knowing that their purchasing decisions are supporting a company that is environmentally friendly and committed to sustainable development. Grivel is the first mountaineering company to receive the ISO 14001 registration, and principal Gioachino Gobbi hopes that the move will encourage other outdoor companies to seek the certification. “All of us who enjoy the uniqueness of the mountain environment need to respect and preserve it for ourselves and for future generations” said Gobbi. The certification indicates that we follow the principles of environmental conservation, and guarantees that we do so with concrete actions rather than simply with words.”