has launched a campaign aimed at several top-name shoe brands – including Adidas,
Nike, Reebok and Timberland – claiming demand for leather may be supporting
cattle ranches that are illegally de-treeing the Amazon.


For the
past three years, Greenpeace has been investigating the cattle industry in Brazil,
which is allegedly the chief source of carbon dioxide emissions in that country
and responsible for 80 percent of deforestation in the Amazon. The Greenpeace
investigation also explores the Brazilian government' involvement in funding
companies responsible for deforestation in the Amazon.


A new
Greenpeace report, “Slaughtering the Amazon,” tracks leather, beef,
and other cattle products produced by ranches involved in illegal deforestation
as they make their way to processing plants, manufacturers, and ultimately,
consumers. An accompanying video, “Every Step Counts To Save the
Amazon,” showcases in one minute the role of the footwear industry in
Amazon deforestation.


Brazil is the
fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world in large part because
of deforestation-related emissions. The Brazilian cattle industry is the
leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon and it is driving climate
change,” said Greenpeace Forest Campaigner Lindsey Allen in a statement.
“To be true climate leaders, Nike, Adidas, Timberland and other brands
must help protect the Amazon and our climate by refusing to buy leather from
deforestation. In the fight against climate change, every step counts.”

The statement also cites Reebok,
Clarks, Geox, Gucci, IKEA, Kraft, and
Wal-Mart. The report emphasizes the need to end deforestation for cattle and the
need to work for solutions that protects tropical forests to mitigate the
effects of climate change. Forest destruction
accounts for almost 20% of global warming causing emissions, which is more
climate pollution than all the world's cars, trucks, trains, planes, and ships
combined, according to the report.