GracedByGrit, the women’s athletic apparel company, partnered with its first run specialty account, Movin Shoes, to cater to runners and active women across San Diego.

This partnership is especially meaningful for the GracedByGrit internal team, as the company was conceived during a run between entrepreneurs Kimberly Caccavo and Kate Nowlan after the death of San Diego teen Chelsea King, who was killed while trail running. This tragedy inspired Caccavo to train for a triathlon in Chelsea’s honor and hire Nowlan as her coach.

Because running is a core sport for both GracedByGrit employees and customers, avid marathon runner and GracedByGrit Retail Sales Manager, Annie Adams, said she knew it was time to partner with Movin Shoes to get more engaged with the San Diego running community.

For nearly 40 years, Movin Shoes has been a community-based resource center for customers, providing product knowledge, encouragement and training programs.

Movin Shoes Owner Bob Kennedy added, “Movin Shoes is excited to bring GracedByGrit into our store apparel mix. We’re thrilled to partner with another local company committed to inspiring people to strive for their best.”

Photo Courtesy GracedByGrit