Goody's Family
Clothing, reported total sales for fiscal periods
ended October 30, 2004, compared with fiscal periods ended November 1, 2003,
as follows (dollars in millions):

                         Total Sales                Percent Change
                     -----------------       ------------------------
                                                 Total     Comparable
    Fiscal Period:      2004         2003        Sales     Store Sales
                     ---------------------   -------------------------
    October          $  96.4       $  94.7        1.8%        -1.7%
    Third Quarter    $ 284.8       $ 280.8        1.4%        -2.7%
    Nine Months      $ 882.3       $ 857.8        2.9%        -0.3%

Robert M. Goodfriend, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, commented,
“With relatively seasonal weather conditions during the first 17 days of
October 2004, we had achieved a comparable store sales increase of 5.2%
compared with the year-earlier period. As unseasonably warm weather trends
prevailed throughout most of our markets during the balance of the month,
however, comparable store sales declined by 1.7% for the full month. While the
Company has not yet completed the preparation of its third quarter 2004
financial statements, we expect to report a net loss for the quarter compared
with net earnings of $1.7 million, or $0.05 per diluted share, reported for
the third quarter of fiscal 2003. This expected loss is due in part to a
combination of unseasonably warm weather during portions of the quarter and
the impact of three major hurricanes on approximately 240 of our stores in