, the seller of golf teaching and training aids, has acquired The Putting Arc.

Used by touring professionals, coaches and golf academies worldwide, the original version of the Putting Arc was introduced in 2002, after being patented by PGA Instructor VJ Trolio and engineers Joey Hamilton and Dave Hamilton. The equipment is designed to help golfers “groove a consistent stroke in which the putter head moves inside-to-square-to-inside on a stable, precise arc, with the putter face remaining square to that arc,” said the company.

“The Putting Arc will be added to a line of game improvement products that can be used at the golf course or in the comfort of your home,” said Golf Training Aids President John Diulus.

“When the Putting Arc was invented and patented more than 20 years ago, almost every golfer was taught to move the putter back and forth down the target line, keeping the putter face square to the line. Now almost everyone understands that the putting stroke is a small golf swing, and the putter moves on an inclined plane and the putter head moves inside to square to back inside during the stroke. Most of the best putters now putt this way, and this is the putting stroke that is perfected by using the Putting Arc,” added Dave Hamilton the Putting Arc’s president and co-founder. “We at the Putting Arc, Inc. feel that the Putting Arc product line is in good hands and that Golf Training Aids will continue the legacy of the Putting Arc.”