According to Golf Datatech, golf rounds played were down 15.9% for the month of October 2009 compared to October 2008, as cold, rainy weather hit many parts of the country. Rounds are also down 1.0% on a YTD basis. The findings represent 3,785 reporting courses.

In public access courses, play was down 16% in October and 0.7% YTD. At private courses, play was off 15.4% during October and down 2.1% YTD.

The biggest declines in October were in West North Central, down 38.3%; East North Central, 27.1%; South Central, 20.6%; Mid Atlantic, 15.1%; New England, 13.9%; Mountain, 13.6%; Pacific, 4.1%; and South Atlantic, 2.5%.

In the YTD period, only West North Central is now ahead, up 1.7%. Small declines have been seen in the South Atlantic, down 2.5%; South Central, 1.8%; West North Central, 1.7%; Mountain, 1.6%; Mid Atlantic, 1.1%; East North Central, 0.9%; and Pacific, 0.1%.