Golf Datatech, LLC introduced an online tracking platform for golf equipment sales. The service features two reports— an Online Tracker for Consumer data (OT-C), and an Online Tracker for Retail (OT-R).

Golf Datatech’s Online Tracking Platform was developed on a need the company saw in the market coming out of the pandemic. In the first several weeks of the outbreak, retail stores, including green grass pro shops, in much, if not most, of the U.S. were closed to retail traffic. Eventually, some opened up as coronavirus cases dropped, and others in local markets closed as cases increased, leaving much of the brick and mortar U.S. retail business in disarray. Online retail sales became a primary outlet for buying golf equipment before traditional channels reopened, according to Golf Datatech.

“Changes in the online market for golf equipment necessitated the need for a tracking mechanism that allowed us to measure sales growth across all product categories,” said John Krzynowek, partner, Golf Datatech. “Our new online tracking platform offers two reports designed to create clarity for golf companies as to the state of online sales.”

Added Krzynowek, “The percentage of total online U.S. retail sales in 2021 is at a level most experts believed the country would not reach for many years, but it was spurred on by the pandemic, lockdowns and temporary closures, so the landscape quickly changed. For this reason, the golf industry needed a benchmarking system for online sales across all product categories, and this Online Tracking Platform fits that need.”

Photo courtesy Calloway Golf