The Glukos Company Inc., the all-natural sports nutrition company, expanded its roster of brand ambassadors into the action sports arena by signing a professional skateboarding pioneer, Steve Caballero.

Caballero joins the ranks of an already impressive lineup, including All-Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown, 2016 Olympian Jared Ward and Ironman World Champions Mary Beth Ellis, Liz Lyles and T.J. Tollakson.

Caballero’s extensive background in action sports make him a great fit to represent Glukos’ line of performance products. Competing as a professional skateboarder at 51, Caballero knows just how important it is to keep his body fueled properly to contend at the same level of today’s exciting crop of young skaters. Caballero will use Glukos energy, which provides consumers twice the energy in half the time of leading energy products on the market, to optimally fuel his body both in training and during competition. Additionally, he utilizes Glukos protein – the fastest protein on the market – to recover quickly and more efficiently after each competition, practice session or workout.

Known for pioneering vertical skating, Caballero is no stranger to pushing his body to the limit. Despite being born with a potentially debilitating condition – scoliosis – Caballero did not let it slow him down. He is credited with inventing multiple, now iconic, skateboarding tricks including the “Caballerial” and “front side board slide,” while also setting World Records for the highest air achieved on a half pipe (11 ft.) and longest board slide on a 44-step handrail.

“To keep up with my busy lifestyle and because I’m no spring chicken, it’s critical to fuel my body properly with the best, all-natural energy and protein products available,” said Caballero. “The all-natural ingredients in Glukos was a huge selling point for me as I cannot stand the taste and feeling I get from the high fructose corn syrup and chemicals in most mainstream energy products. Glukos keeps me going when I need it most during training, competitions, and throughout my life, while tasting great in the process.”

Glukos founder Mark Jensen, a former collegiate runner and Ironman competitor, realized there was a gap in the energy product market. This led him to extensive research and development to find the optimum source of energy that was both healthy and effective for athletes, similar to an oral IV. Glukos is similar to an IV because it contains the same basic ingredients, including water, glucose and electrolytes like potassium.

This past April, Glukos launched its protein bars and powders, which deliver protein into the bloodstream faster and more effectively than any product in the crowded protein market. Constructed with high-quality whey protein isolate, Glukos’ protein bars and powders utilize Glucose – the “good” sugar – and contain no sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweetener, color or flavoring.