The Glukos Company Inc., a natural performance energy foods brand, has closed Series A funding in advance of its upcoming launch. The investment, led by EIF, provides capital as the company ramps up production for prime placement in brand-enhancing specialty retail locations including sporting goods, running, cycling, outdoor, golf, fitness centers, and physical therapists nationwide.

Glukos performance energy products are available in ready to drink, gel, powder, tablet, gummy and bars. Glukos’ all-natural formula includes water, glucose and electrolytes like potassium and sodium.  It acts like an oral IV as it is absorbed into the bloodstream when entering the mouth. Glucose is the only fuel the human body uses. Competitive products contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, which actually creates lactic acid, and triglycerides in the muscles that hurt performance and recovery, or caffeine, which artificially increases the heart rate and causes dehydration.

“We believe Glukos is poised to revolutionize the $50+ billion global category because it provides twice the energy, twice as fast as the category leaders,” said Devin Whatley, Managing Director, EIF Fund. “In addition to the performance benefits, consumers now have a great tasting, all natural alternative to the artificial energy sources. We believe this is going to be an important distinction for serious athletes and parents concerned about their children’s health.”

“Over 10 years of preparation have Glukos in position to change the landscape of the energy category and this Series A funding is a critical component to ensure we have enough product to meet consumer demand,” said Mick McCormick, President and CEO of Glukos, which is based in Phoenix, AZ. “EIF Fund really knows this space and their experience, expertise and funding validate what we have long believed; athletes deserve a healthier and more effective source of energy.”