Gladiator Lacrosse LLC announced the acquisition of St. Louis-based All Ball Pro, which currently manufactures and distributes commercial-grade and professional-grade rebounders for lacrosse and a variety of other sports.

All Ball Pro’s products provide precise, high-speed returns for balls for the lacrosse markets as well as a variety of other sports. All Ball Pro is a manufacturer of choice for collegiate and professional lacrosse programs nationwide, including 31 of the top collegiate Division One programs and nearly the entire Ivy League. All Ball Pro’s exclusive patented technology allows for the highest velocity return rate on the market.

“We manufacture a training tool which works so well, that it transforms the lives of young athletes. Whether it is simply making the team, scoring more goals, or securing a college scholarship, we are proud to know that all of the above have been made more possible by our game changing rebounders.” said Rocky Kroeger, CEO for All Ball Pro.

Additionally, Grace Kroeger, director of marketing for All Ball Pro, said, “Being a part of the All Ball Pro team––comprised of men and women who will stop at nothing to make better tools that make better athletes––has been a major source of inspiration in my own life.”

Historically, Gladiator Lacrosse has served consumer, amateur, and travel lacrosse market segments. The acquisition of All Ball Pro enables Gladiator to leverage the combined manufacturing capabilities of both companies in an effort to broaden the product portfolio and to better serve all segments of the growing lacrosse market.

All Ball Pro’s freestanding training rebounders target the most elite professional and collegiate players and teams. Its commercial-use products complement the Gladiator Lacrosse line of professional lacrosse goals and Official Lacrosse Game Balls which meets NOCSAE standards and carries Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) certification.

“The marketplace has validated our growth strategy, and this acquisition enables us to further accelerate our rate of growth for the foreseeable future. We’re confident that this acquisition is an appropriate allocation of capital and are excited by the expected synergies. I learned through this entire process that the experience was almost the opposite of the one I had on Shark Tank. Instead of pitching my business to the Sharks, I was the one analyzing the company and asking all the questions! We are thrilled to have All Ball Pro become part of the Gladiator Lacrosse family,” said Rachel Zietz, chief executive officer for Gladiator Lacrosse.