Giuliani Partners announced that it is becoming a strategic investor in CamelBak Products. According to Giulliani Partners, “CamelBak has developed a superior product with applications that extend well beyond the sports and recreation market into the realm of public safety and defense.” CamelBak is the only hands-free hydration system with a chemical and biological resistant reservoir for operating in hazardous environments.

This investment by Giuliani Partners marks the first initiative in its partnership with Bear Stearns Merchant Banking to identify and invest in companies focused on the security, public safety and emergency preparedness sectors.

In addition, Bernard Kerik, Senior Vice President at Giuliani Partners and former New York City Police Commissioner, will be joining CamelBak's Board of Directors. “I'm honored to join the Board and I look forward to working with the company on expanding their market,” said Mr. Kerik who served as Interim Minister of the Interior in Iraq. “I used their hands-free hydration system in Iraq in July of 2003 so I know how valuable this product is and the important applications it has in a broad range of market sectors.”

Glenn Gross, President and CEO of CamelBak Products, said, “Giuliani Partners and in particular Bernard Kerik, will help us better understand the various needs within the military, law enforcement and first responder sectors and help us develop and market our products. Our involvement with the military in the Middle East has helped show the value of hands free hydration and we can clearly see its value to the law enforcement and first responder communities.”