Giordana has set up a pop-up shop at 939 Pearl Street in Boulder, CO. This location will also host in-person events, a testament to the company’s commitment to local partnerships and community engagement.

The Giordana pop-up opens with two recently launched apparel collections, including Per Tutti I Terreni from a collaboration with fashion designer Kristopher Brock and the latest Beyond Gravel lifestyle collection. Giordana will also showcase pieces from its core road kits, including the FR-C Pro collection.

“We’re thrilled to be visiting Boulder and introducing the local community to the latest in Giordana’s performance apparel collections,” Jenny Rollyson, director of marketing at Giordana, said. “This is an exciting opportunity for Giordana. The shop allows us to highlight over 40 years of industry-leading innovation in cycling apparel, showcasing both what we’re developing today and how Giordana heritage styles—like the FR-C Pro pieces—are truly timeless.”

Image courtesy Giordana Cycling