Gibbon SlacklinesUSA has hired Derick Cole as the new vice president of sales. Joining the Gibbon team immediately, Cole will be leading the sales efforts in all channels including retail, event sponsorship, park design and installation.


“Growing up in Alaska and participating in all types of athletic and adrenaline filled sports has been part of my life and professional career,” said Cole. “From mountain biking to snowboarding, from fly-fishing to bird hunting and white water kayaking to rock climbing – staying connected to the outdoors through my nearly 20-year career in sporting goods has been a dream! I’ve been lucky enough to make my passions my profession, so I’ve never had to work a day in my life.

I’m looking forward to the excitement and opportunity that Gibbon has provided me.”


Cole started his career in sporting goods retail nearly 20 years ago and has worked in the sporting goods industry ever since. Holding a Master’s degree in Organizational Management, he recently spearheaded the startup of Webley & Scott firearms as president of North American operations. Prior to that, Cole worked for Maurice Sporting Goods for almost 13 years, leaving as vice president of sales for the Western USA and was instrumental in growing sales and developing relationships within the major national sporting goods retail chains.


“Derick brings considerable experience in the sports and outdoor industries, and his positive attitude towards life, people and business will be one of his most important contributions to our team”, said Ricardo Bottome, president of Gibbon Slacklines. “We are thrilled to welcome him to Gibbon to help continue the immense growth slacklining has experienced over the past few years.”


For those unfamiliar with the sport, slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing which is low to the ground and usually anchored between two trees. Originating in the climbing world around Yosemite during the mid-seventies, slacklining has evolved into a cross trainer, backyard activity and sport all of its own. Initially, climbers would rig a rope a few feet off the ground to walk across in their spare time. This helped increase balance, core strength, concentration and muscle control. What they soon discovered was that it was fun.


Slacklining has now skyrocketed in popularity as an extreme sport, fitness trend and backyard activity for families. Gibbon is rapidly building the sport with their top-level pro team and by hosting competitions across the U.S. Gibbon’s easy-to-use equipment makes the sport accessible for anyone, from athletes to families.


Based in Louisville, CO, Gibbon Slacklines USA is the exclusive North American distributor for Gibbon Slacklines. Gibbon Slacklines are available at over 1,000 retailers across the U.S