Hiking and Running have long been a challenge
during winter’s worst months. But thanks to the efforts of
the passionate designers at Hillsound, staying surefooted through the harsher months is no problem.

Hillsound was founded by a small team of outdoorsmen to create hiking accessories for a core clientele. Years of customer-facing conversations led the design team to create foot traction devices for winter hiking and running.

After years of testing, the ergonomic plate system in the Trail Crampon and Trail Crampon Pro proved a winner, gaining accolades from a small group of Sherpas who tested the products in the Himalayan Mountains. Fast forward and today you have five unique crampon styles to fit all your adventures.  Click on the names of each shoe under the photos to view more details about each crampon and to watch the video for each traction device.


Top left to right:  Trail Crampon Pro, Trail Crampon, Cypress 6 Crampon
Bottom left to right: FreestepS6 Crampon, Trail Crampon Ultra

To celebrate Hillsound’s ten-year anniversary, the brand has been running a giveaway on its three social media accounts—Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The giveaway ends February 2018.  Details can be found here. Everyone who participates in the campaign automatically gets entered into the draw for the grand prize, Crampon of your choice + Gaiter of your choice + Spikeeper + Titanium Mug + Titanium Spork. Next draw dates:  January 31, and  February 28. For questions, email yrkang@hillsound.ca.

Photos courtesy Hillsound