Gatorade and Tiger Woods are collaborating to develop Gatorade Tiger. Terms of the licensing deal were not disclosed. Gatorade Tiger, is a “Gatorade Thirst Quencher” sub-line that will be launched in March 2008. The sub-line marks the first-ever licensing deal for the $5 Billion brand and Tiger Woods' first-ever endorsed sports beverage.

“Gatorade has been part of my game plan for years, whether I'm training or competing, so this is an ideal match,” said Woods. “Gatorade is a winning brand with a proven formula and the science to back it up. That's why I wanted to partner with them. I'm eager to launch my first signature product in a few months and look forward to developing additional sports performance beverages with Gatorade in the coming years.”

“This relationship is built on The Gatorade Company's unparalleled understanding of athlete needs and Tiger's unique position as one of the world's best athletes. By bringing these two leaders together, we feel we have an unprecedented opportunity to provide both Tiger and athletes at all levels the products they need to train and compete at their best,” said Todd Magazine, President of Gatorade. “As a first step in our relationship, Tiger recently underwent sweat analysis testing with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI), which showcases his dedication to this collaboration and to improving any aspect of his training and competition.”

“As we have done with many athletes, our testing with Tiger will help him prepare for, and recover from, his toughest workouts and most intense competitions — by meeting his hydration, recovery, nutrition and energy needs,” said Bob Murray, Ph.D., Director of the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. “Not only will Tiger personally benefit from our sports performance testing, but we continue to build our overall knowledge about athletes at all levels and all sports. Of course, this research with Tiger will also help shape the development of the products under his signature line.”