Garmin released a report highlighting how cyclists worldwide are logging miles and its positive health benefits. The report, generated using data from the Garmin Connect community of cyclists who log their miles on Garmin Edge cycling computers, shows that cycling activities are on the rise and do not appear to be slowing down.

The company said that the data shows cyclists are pushing harder year-round, whether in pursuit of one day completing a race or for the enjoyment of time spent on a bike. “Whatever the motivation, it’s clear that Garmin cyclists aren’t slowing down,” reported the company.

Based on the data compiled by Garmin over the last 12 months, cycling activities have increased 7 percent for consumers whoare part of the Garmin Connect cycling community and who log their miles on Garmin Edge cycling computers. The increase is normalized to account for cyclists who purchased their first Edge device during the same time frame. Garmin noted that indoor cycling activities rose 12 percent year over year.

Key metrics from Garmin from the past year include:

  • Female cyclists took the top spot as the fastest-growing cycling demographic in the Garmin community, with a 9 percent increase in cycling activities.
  • Garmin users who ride at least 70 miles per week have an average normalized power of more than 180 watts.
  • Cyclists in the United Arab Emirates log the fastest rides, averaging 16 miles per hour.
  • Cyclists in Denmark record the most powerful rides with an average normalized power output of 196 watts.
  • Riders in Italy spend the most time on their bikes, with each ride lasting just over two hours. They also ride the furthest, with an average distance of 29 miles.
  • When considering population, Belgians logged the most miles over the past year, with 362,165,857. If every citizen in the country tracked a bike ride in Garmin Connect during that time frame, it would equate to 30.24 miles per person.

Image courtesy Garmin