Garmin Ltd. and Amsterdam-based TomTom both claimed victory of sorts over the weekend after a U.S. District Court in Wisconsin issued its decision on pending cross motions for summary judgment filed by Garmin and TomTom in their pending patent litigation.

Garmin said the court had given it a “complete victory in its defense of TomTom's claims of infringement of three patents and left unadjudicated many of the claims filed by Garmin against TomTom,” while TomTom painted a different picture that it had won the lawsuit and that Garmin had not been able to substantiate any of its claims. “The decision finds that all five Garmin patents asserted against TomTom in the lawsuit are either invalid or not infringed by TomTom's popular line of navigation products,” TomTom said in a statement.

The two parties filed motions for summary judgment earlier this fall and Garmin asserted that the Court ruled on December 22 that “each and every claim asserted by TomTom was not infringed by Garmin, either literally or under the doctrine of equivalents.” That admitted that while the Court found that certain of Garmin's claims against TomTom could not go forward, they said that the ruling did not resolve multiple patent infringement claims asserted by Garmin against TomTom. While the ruling administratively closed the case, Garmin said it intends to pursue these additional unadjudicated claims.